All About Israeli Wills

Yesterday, I gave a presentation called “All About Israeli Wills” to a group at the AACI in Netanya. Despite the very hot weather, many people turned up to hear all about Israeli inheritance law. We covered many topics including;

*Who inherits me if I don’t make a will?
*What will my spouse inherit?
*What will my common law partner inherit?
*What will my children and parents inherit if I have a spouse/partner?
*Why Israeli joint bank accounts with survivability provisions are not wills and what they really mean.
*How to draw up a will
*Naming a guardian for minor children
*Why you don’t always need an Israeli executor and when you do
*Special conditions in a will -such as make Aliyah if you want to inherit me!
*Can I have two wills – one for my estate outside of Israel and one for my Israeli estate (YES!)
*Israeli lasting power of attorney (finances)
*Israeli healthcare power of attorney
*Israeli “living will”

There was a lively question and answer session after the presentation and although this is a serious topic, we had an enjoyable and informative morning!