Are you the heir to Land in Israel managed by the Israeli Administrator General?

As part of our real estate practice, we handle fascinating cases of heirs to “missing persons,” who purchased land in Israel many decades ago; often in the 30’s and 40’s. During those years, before the creation of the State, parcels of land were sold to Jews in the US, UK and South Africa (among other countries). ┬áSome proud purchasers kept records and told their children and grandchildren, while others may not have paid much attention to the purchase.

With land throughout Israel being developed, the Administrator General becomes involved via a court “management order.” The AG is obligated to search for the heirs of the original owner and facilitate the transfer of the land to those heirs. Sometimes, the heirs approach the AG, and prove their relationship to the original owner. Our office assists the heirs with the numerous probate orders needed; many heirs have usually passed away since the original owner purchased the land.

In addition, we represent the heirs vis-a-vis the AG in the “release” process by negotiating with the Administrator General regarding the management fees and final release of land. Once the land is released and registered in the names of the heirs, we represent them in the sale or development of the land.

The AG now has a list of 17,000 “missing persons” – did anyone in your family ever buy “land” in Israel? Contact our office to check if any of your ancestors are on the list.