Abandoned Property – Release from Administrator General

The Administrator General (AG) of Israel handles “abandoned property” and there is a lengthy list of over 17,000 names of owners of real estate and holders of bank accounts, which remain unclaimed. This list is available, in Hebrew only, on the AG’s website.

One of the AG’s jobs is to track down the heirs of these original owners, enable them to prove their relationship to the owner and then release the property to the rightful heirs.

The release of abandoned property from the Administrator General is a multi-faceted process involving Israeli probate issues, title challenges, identification of heirs and  the subsequent sale of the released land.

Let us assist you with the release process:

  1. Initial Contact and Interactions with AG – we will represent your interests and assist you in proving your relationship to the owner of abandoned property.
  2. Israeli Probate Order – There are numerous pieces of evidence the AG will require to release the abandoned property. One of the most crucial is an Israeli probate order, stating that you are an heir to the original owner (or beneficiary under a Will). Foreign probate orders are not accepted.
  3. Affidavits of identification and family tree.
  4. Payment of administrative fee and removal of warning notice from title at Israel Land Registry.
  5. Sale of released abandoned real estate.